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Inverter Generators

How do inverter generators work?

Inverter generators utilise a technology that leaves standard generators far behind. They produce DC power and the 'Inverter' feature converts it to 3-phase AC power at high frequency. It is then converted to DC and a stable sine wave delivery, This process eliminates power fluctuations that traditionally occur in standard generators.

This also means the generator engine speed varies to match the load required. This is in contrast to standard generators that run at constant speed. Being able to adjust to the power requirements makes the inverter generators more fuel-efficient and most of the time, produce less noise output than standard generators. This translates to financial savings and environmentally friendly features.

Benefits of inverter vs standard generators

1. Lightweight and compact. The latest Yamaha and Dunlite inverter generators are lighter weight and smaller than standard traditional models. This is because they have greater efficiency and allow a reduction in overall size and weight by approximately one-third. This means they can be more easily carried, set-up and operated than traditional generators.

2. High quality electrical output. Inverter generators output smooth power of a much higher quality than traditional generators. There is less than 2.5% distortion compared to more than 5% for mains power. The Yamaha inverter generators use cutting edge technology to regulate the electrical output by using Pulse Width Modulation to produce clean, high-quality electricity, delivering a ‘pure’ sine wave with full width and amplitude. This means you can confidently use these Yamaha inverter generators with sensitive electronic equipment.

3. Low noise output. Both Yamaha and Dunlite inverter generators are much quieter than traditional generators because they are not constantly running at full speed. Yamaha inverter generators also incorporate Noise Block, the acoustically engineered sound reduction system, using sound absorbing materials, moulded cases, and intake silencer, fibreglass insulation, plus newly designed mufflers and fans to provide super quiet operation.

4. High fuel efficiency. Yamaha and Dunlite generator manufacturers produce state of the art inverter generators that allow the generator’s engine to automatically adjust the engine speed to produce only the power that is needed at any time. The Yamaha inverter generators use the technology called Smart Throttle that allows the generator to run at much slower RPMs while maintaining frequency and power for the required load. This gives quiet running and increased fuel efficiency, lengthened engine life and extended running time between refuelling.

5. Eco-clean power.  Many of the Yamaha inverter generators pass strict emissions standards and the Yamaha EF2400iS inverter generator has been built to clear the US EPA Phase II and CARB Tier II emissions standards, which are the strictest in the world. In addition, this model is assembled in Yamaha factories that have eliminated the use of toxic materials like cadmium, lead and sexivalent chrome. This model also has a 97.1% recycle-ability ratio making it very environmentally friendly.